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[x]Your Top Five Bands
at the drive-in
tears for fears
beyond analog
moving units

[x]Your Favorite Thing to Yell at Old People
pick a lane asshole!

[x]Who is cooler-Mario or Luigi? Explain your answer?
well Mario got the princess but since I never get the girl I’m gonna have to go with the taller guy. Luigi he owns!

[x]What are you usually doing on Friday Night?
a lot of things. Band practice, doing the hang out thing and watching movies. sometimes I hold my own private dance parties.

[x]Explain in three sentences how come you rock so hard?
I used to break dance when I was a kid I would do the battle rock before I started doing my routine just like any b-boy would do. I could still do it now I just need some practice. I also know how to rock your body. Rock away.

[x]Are you awesome? I mean, really awesome?
well to be one hundred percent awesome would mean that you are the awesomest. I don’t think I’m that awesome but I’m pretty darn close to being awesome

[x]How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Four: Nike ace ’83, NB 574, some black chucks that are just collecting dust and my black snazzy shoes.

[x]What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
One time I was riding this atc and my brother that was riding with me told me not to hit the wicked bump…me being way awesome decided to ramp off of it. I ended up flipping the atc and I fell in a ditch with the atc on my back. I had cactus stuck all over the side of my face. Ahhh good times!

[x]Post a picture of yourself.

[x]Name the coolest thing that you own.
The very first ep and full length by the impossibles, both signed! I would also have to say the atd-i poster signed by everyone in the band. Ooh and the name beam!

[x]Name your favorite Pez character.
I would have to say snoopy. I have this one on my wall and it’s still in it original packaging.

[x]Why should we let you in our awesome club?
You hear me knocking? well then let me in!
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