enfant terrible (takeonpink) wrote in theawesomeclub,
enfant terrible

Your Top Five Bands
belle and sebastian
the new pornographers
the jicks
bright eyes
death cab

Your Favorite Thing to Yell at Old People
ahhh bertha , that cardigan is HOTT.

Who is cooler-Mario or Luigi? Explain your answer?
hm im totally apathetic about this. but i cant tell you that the hottest ninja turtle is donatello. (im keeping within the 90's framework)

What are you usually doing on Friday Night?
donwning shots of scotch and chicken soup with my parents and six brothers and sisters and a table full of random guests. shabbat shalom motherfckers.

Explain in three sentences how come you rock so hard?
im just a chancer looking to make some mess. feather in the hat and a polka dotted dress. heee and this sentence, kids, brings it up to three. kick it. (shit, thats four)

Are you awesome? I mean, really awesome?
probably not. but hey, i could be, by association. thats why im joining!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
tremendous downsizing. i try to keep to the essentials. chucks, birks;one for summer and one for winter, etnies, asics, yummy slippers, flat black dress shoes, high high black dress shoes, pink flats, red buckley flat zigzag thingies.. etc.. oh man. i tried.

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
um once in high school, i got the whole auditorium to pray for my sick goldfish?

Post a picture of yourself.

Name the coolest thing that you own.
this silky scarf i found in a home for the elderly.
this crazy rhinestone jewelery from my great grandmother.
a video of the talking heads 'stop making sense' concert from 1984.

Name your favorite Pez character.
tres americano. my mum was totally anti lollies. wheat germ dont come in characters.

Why should we let you in our awesome club?
because ill do the membership cards. and my membership cards own.
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