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This is awesome.

As part of the Bush Administration's ongoing efforts to obliterate all traces of terrorism in the United States, the Department of Justice has commenced registration* of each and every American Patriot. By registering all non-terrorists within our borders, it is our intention to make use of the process of elimination to identify the evil ones who walk among us. If you are a non-terrorist (American Patriot), your participation is required. Please register below.
- John Ashcroft
United States Attorney General

Click Here to say you're NOT a Terrorist

By doing this :"the Department of Justice and/or the FBI may use this information to arrive at the conclusion that I am some kind of pinko, commie, freedom-hating towel-headed homo who deserves to get a steel-tipped federal jackboot shoved up my treacherous ass."

do it for your own safety! please.
at the end you get a patriot idefication number.
Mine is:52833-JESUS-5655

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