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One more robot...

+ Placebo
+ The Flaming Lips
+ The Darkness
+ Nirvana
+ The Pixies

Yelling at old people..
Usually, I yell at young people, because they are so much more infuriating than old people, however (hypothetically) were I to yell at old people, I would say: "The Morgue is THAT WAY! Go fourth and lie in the freezer, bitches!"

The eternal question
Luigi. Definately. The side-lined, under-payed sidekick always kicks ass in the end. And plus he's skinny and dumb looking. And he wears GREEN! (Everyone loves green).

Friday night?
Monday cycling, tuesday gymnastics, dancing on a friday niiight. Okay I lie. I used to go out but then I decided that the people I went out with were backstabbing cretins, so now I usually meet at a friends place, get fucked off my nut, wander around the neighbourhood all night (visiting a few favorite spots like the local BP with the crazy old man who wants us to pay to use the bathroom, and the disused catholic monastary where we go to stare at the statue of the virgin mary, and sit in the sprinklers, and avoid the security patrols) and then wander the lake and meet strange drunken boys who want to get with us for fifty dollars or something. String of random events. That sort of thing. Once we found a dead cat in a swimming pool, buried it and called it 'Orlando' ...anyyyway.

Why I rock so hard:
I. Just. Do.

Am I awesome?
Oh, definately. I am incredibly awesome. I'm the awesomeist awesome that ever awesomed.

How many shoes do I own?
Too many. Big black fuck off ones, and little jazz shoes, and crazy white high heels that I never wear and boots, and slippers get the drift.

Craziest thing i've ever done?
Probably have to be the time some friends and I found a dried out, completely flat dead mouse on the side of the road, stared at it for awhile, took it home in a plastic bag, and then proceeded to turn it into 'art' by nailing it to a peice of wood a la Jesus, attatching a cat collar just beneath, decorating it with super glue and then setting the glue on fire (in the process of which my friends Doc Martin caught on fire, and I had to run and get the was a great day. Really great. Surprised we didn't come out of it with third degree burns).


Coolest thing that I own...
Fake custom vampire fangs? ha. Um...a bunch of rare Placebo shit (singles, guitar picks etc), my electric think -i'm- the coolest thing I own.

You know, I really couldn't say. I saw an awesome furry tiger pez dispenser though. That was pretty awesome...and I used to love those classic disney dispensers..with Donald Duck and whatnot. Woocha.

Why should you let me in?
Why the fuck not?
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