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i am.....fucking amazing

[x]Your Top Five Bands
1.) dead kennedys 2.) modest mouse 3.) calla 4.) blanks 77 5.) bright eyes
[x]Your Favorite Thing to Yell at Old People
[x]Who is cooler-Mario or Luigi? Explain your answer?
marios mustache is TOO scene...and i have a thing for men in green. luigi.
[x]What are you usually doing on Friday Night?
i go to boarding school...and i have school on saturdays...which much negates the awesomeness of LAST friday, when i was in florida and saw dillinger escape plan and the locust. THIS friday night, i sat in my room and worked on my thesis. LAME.
[x]Explain in three sentences how come you rock so hard?
ill write a haiku to explain my rockin-ness:
she rocks out with her cock out
but she has no cock
[x]Are you awesome? I mean, really awesome?
if you stood in awesome silence before billy idol, expressing THAT MUCH AWE, i dont think that awe would rival my awesomeness. well, maybe, if it was hot firm billy idol instead of old saggy billy idol.
[x]How many pairs of shoes do you own?
im morally against chucks and creepers, therefore i have electric blue pumas that i get signed by special people (the adicts, the boils, dillinger, david bowie, etc), then i have combat boots, then a numerous collection of too-cool stilettos.
[x]What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
i got in a fight with the guitarist of the new york rel-x on the stage at punkfest because she wouldnt let me make an announcement on the microphone, so then when the adicts started playing i jumped onstage anyway and stole the mic. yeah, im such an asshole.
[x]Post a picture of yourself: i look a bit sinister. but i like to be intimidating, so it all works out.

[x]Name the coolest thing that you own.
i have a bullwhip. rivaling my poofy teal skirt that i have dubbed "the cyndi lauper skirt".
[x]Name your favorite Pez character.
chewbacca. sp? im not a starwars kid, but you gotta love the "awworrwoooorooeee" noise.
[x]Why should we let you in our awesome club?
because i want to fucking post that awesome stamp yall made on my info, and because if my awesomeness can negate the lameness of boarding school, it can certainly negate any lameness that might pervade your perhaps-not-perpetually-awesome lives, due of course only to circumstance.
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