kevin (uuspot) wrote in theawesomeclub,

[x]Top Five Bands
ani difranco, ben folds five, the smiths, keller williams, peaches
[x]Your Favorite Thing to Yell at Old People
oh my gawd! you are soooo CUTE!! abuelito!
[x]Who is cooler-Mario or Luigi? Explain your answer?
luigi is cool cause hes taller and sexier
[x]What are you usually doing on Friday Night?
theres a club in miami called the ballroom. you can find me there
[x]Explain in three sentences how come you rock so hard?
obviously none of you have ever had sex with me.
[x]Are you awesome? I mean, really awesome?
no. but thgtfddc
[x]How many pairs of shoes do you own?
one boots, and one sandals
[x]What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
jump off of a 30 ft bridge into toxic waste/brackish water
[x]Post a picture of yourself.

i'm the one on the end.
[x]Name the coolest thing that you own. a taylor 710ce
[x]Name your favorite Pez character. cosmo
[x]Why should we let you in our awesome club? cause you only have twenty something members.
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